Thanks Hawthorne for rebooting 

     Does anyone play Rocket league? I'm Champ 2 skill, but will team with any TR.

    I stopped leveling in mmos, that's why I play Rocket League so I can log in and play. Is anyone playing New World and think it's worth leveling in? It looks great in trailers.

    I'm 45, remember my 2 sons joining TR when they were like 6 & 7 years old, 15 years ago? My youngest son does shit that amazes me in shooters. He'll jump, go prone, headshot someone, and Unprone, switch weapons while landing on his feet, and cover a different spot to blast a second player before I know what's happening.  He learned that shit from us. My oldest son plays rarely but he's kicking ass in life. 

    I'm glad you got the website Hawthorne and Merry Christmas!


      • Hawthorne

        I play quite a bit ;) Season 2 Tournament winner! Season 1 plat in 2v2 and 3v3.

        Mithian also plays quite a bit. I am in discord all the time. Not that many come around but there are a few of us still active! Merry Christmas!!